Tín is an illustrator and a visual artist born in Saigon, Vietnam. He graduated from Ho Chi Minh university of fine arts- Vietnam where he mastered silk painting. And gained a master degree in Communication Design at Norwich University of the Arts- UK.


  Since his childhood, folklores and fairy tales full of metaphors and surreal images that Tín would hear have consciously affected the way he perceives things. As he often has trouble interacting with daily life, He has to adjust those tales he once was told to the matters he experienced in his everyday life so that he can make sense of those matters.

  Tín has a habit of recording images and information he witnessed in life by keeping them in mind or writing them down. Then he would combine the material he has collected with surreal symbolic images related to the subjects to create stories told in his own narration or to raise his question to the matter. The process is like decoding the information he received then translating it to the visual language that he is familiar with so he can use it to form the stories he would like to to tell. And via the process he is also more aware of himself by always considering and self-questioning on the subject he works on.