Beauté-Faux is a collaboration based project initiated by visual artist Tran Nguyen Trung Tin.   "By reimagining my past events and dreamscapes as visual impersonal imagery and sounds, the project is my practice to question and reconsider my own memmories and thoughts as your mind sometimes tends to make up unreal memories, so real that you actually thought they did happen. The project also view the frustration of how people feel easier to processed ugly truths clipped with beautiful images."   Beauté-Faux tells the story about 09 fictional characters related to each other in one way or another. These characters reflex different aspects of the artist himself. The project includes 03 parts that expand into 09 chapters, each of which tell the story of the individual character, using different visual material such as painting, sound installation, sculpture, performance... 
Van - Thi
 A series of works that doesn't belong to any project
 The project goal wass to create a fully designed  notebook  accompanied by a manual which featured 18 illustrations. These illustrations visualised the keywords that reflex the identity of Zerostation|Ga0. The manual also introduced their new project AIS- Asian In/visible Station which was co-curated by ZeroStation and the Japan Foundation Asia Center.  The notebook is available at:   Inpage no.4 Le Van Mien street, district 2, HCMc, Vietnam   -----   ZeroStation|Ga0  is a complex including studio/ exhibition space and residency program, which bases in Saigon, Vietnam.
 A series of B&W illustrations made for the book  "Postcards From the Forest"  by author Phan Hon Nhien. The book is a collection of shorts stories about the many dreams, hopes, and memories of young people living in modern time.  Published by Kim Dong Publishing House.
 An ongoing project. A collection of random ideas.   
 A series of illustration and character design served as material for production and a short animation featured in Loi Bao-  a motion picture by Victor Vu.
 A collection of silk paintings.  A silk painting is traditionally drawn with watercolor on a piece of silk stretched on a wooden frame. The finished painting is then mounted onto a piece of paper.  With contemporary silk painting there are more choices of pigments, e.g. acrylic inks, acrylic, gouache, ink. The finished painting now tends to be mounted on a piece of cloth or canvas for better storage, or sometimes not to be mounted at all.